Looking at our community in central Detroit we saw a number of needs. We need to remove trash and clear vacant buildings. We need to teach skills and create jobs. One solution to those needs is DETROIT reMade. Where most people see a pile of  trash or a building needing demolition, we see opportunity. We can reclaim wood and pair it with a dusty chandelier to make a beautiful standing lamp, burnt out light bulbs turn into unique bookends, dressers become free standing shelves, and bed frames transform into benches. We believe that there is still value in what people have thrown away, left behind, or forgotten.

With  imagination and hard work, things that were once deemed invaluable or unusable can have a new life and a new purpose. Through this process of creation and restoration, community members will receive skill training in carpentry, basic electrical, painting, and an opportunity to think creatively and practically. Our hope is that our community, and Detroit as a whole, will once again be a place of innovation. A place where resources and people are not ignored but valued and cherished. A place where the community will be made whole and will be full of joy and gladness (Isaiah 65:17-19).