Antique Safe Cabinet

Item #246 – $3,000

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Discovering this antique floor safe in the basement of an abandoned Detroit church was the beginning of a long journey. It took 5 guys to move it from the basement onto the road where we dragged it to our workshop using a tow strap and an old tire. Then we had the task of opening it. After some expert advise and help, it proved impossible to open the safe from the front, so we cut in through the back. After cutting the first metal plate, we chiseled through 5 inches of concrete and then cut a second metal plate. Unfortunately there were no gold bricks or ancient documents inside…only a handful of receipts and about $8 in change. But with the back off we could disengage the locking mechanism and open the door. Using quarter-sawn oak pew bottoms reclaimed from the same church, we rebuilt the back wall and tapped holes for machine screws. Then we built a new interior box complete with light sockets to frame the inside. We wired in a new cord and a push switch near the front. Wanting shelves and flexible options, we crafted three floating rectangles and a cover for the interior lock box. Finally we cleaned the exterior and finished our quarter sawn oak with three coats of protective lacquer. The finished product is one of our largest and certainly our heaviest DETROIT reMADE items. This antique safe preserves Detroit and American history and offers a truly unique cabinet and table with careful attention to detail, innovative designs, and trusted craftsmanship.

For more pictures detailing the process of remaking this safe, click here.

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