Brass Pyrene Extinguisher Lamp

Brass Extinguisher Lamp

Item #167 – SOLD

We have said it before and we stick by it; basements have great stuff. Almost everyone forgets about the basement and over the past several months we have found great stuff tucked away in the dark damp corners of abandoned home basements. This beautiful vintage brass Pyrene extinguisher is a wonderful example of awesome things found in basements. Caked in grime and worn by years of none use this extinguisher needed some serious help if it was ever going to see the days of its shiny beginning again. So we carefully went to work polishing and cleaning the brass and the result is amazing! Preserving the originality and value became our top priority so instead of drilling holes and running a lamp wire through the extinguisher itself we decided to gather up some reclaimed wood and build a custom frame around the extinguisher then run the lamp cord through an old hose and wrap that around the lamp. Thus we kept this vintage brass beauty unharmed and created a stunning lamp at the same time. This little piece of history can now make a wonderful and functional addition to any home.