Artisan Elephant Stands

Custom Order – SOLD

Found standing in the middle of an abandoned basement near Detroit’s Northend, these two elephants are a tremendous example of the cities rich art history.  This pair of beautifully detailed elephants are made from plaster by local artist Sam Pacini, who started crafting works of art in 1960. We carefully patched a couple holes and applied a diluted coat of grey paint to bring out the lines and details. Next we custom built two crates from reclaimed pine to rest on top of the elephants turning them into stunning and versatile works of art.

Fuse Box Lamp Stand

Custom Order – SOLD

Designed around a reclaimed 3 foot tall fuse box from an abandoned church near Detroit’s New Center, this unique standing lamp and shelf becomes the focal point of any space. The base was symmetrically crafted using reclaimed pine and precisely cut to fit a section of galvanized pipe running through the middle. Carefully cleaned and refinished the fuse box was then wired with braided cloth cord to fit four Edison bulbs and a custom built switch box. This shelf and lamp strikes a wonderful balance between beauty and function.

Steamer Trunk Corner Shelf

Custom Order – SOLD

Custom built using reclaimed pine sub-floors this 7 foot tall bookshelf is truly a work of functional art. Designed around a single steamer trunk cut into 3 pieces each piece is carefully placed to create a well balanced sense of space and structure. This corner wrapping shelf embodies the essence of craftsmanship.

ReNu Coffee Shop Sign



Custom Order – SOLD

This double-sided sign has been hand-cut and built with a custom internal frame. Each side of the logo lights up with customizable lighting strips that are remotely controlled, and the sign has been finished with reclaimed wood from pallets gathered within Detroit city limits and is mounted with a reclaimed chain found in a Detroit park.

Demolished Coffee Table

Item #231 – SOLD

Using reclaimed wood from a demolished Detroit home and a large piece of glass from a separate coffee table we crafted this truly unique coffee table. With raw edges and interesting pattering, the wood is naturally aged and protected with several coats of finish. Simple legs keep the focus on the geometric structure and depth.

Bicycle Rim Lamp

Item #233 – SOLD

Handmade using a vintage Schwinn bicycle rim found in the trash and a reclaimed wood oak 2×4 this lamp is completed with a toggle switch and Edison bulb.

Vintage Skates

Item #202 – SOLD

A pair of vintage adjustable roller skates from an abandoned Detroit home with a handmade reclaimed wood and metal stand.

GE Motor Lamp

Item #243 – SOLD

Built using our old drill press motor that stopped working, this truly industrial lamp is handmade with a reclaimed pine base, toggle switch in the front, Edison bulb, and of course the deconstructed motor.

National Power Tube Lamp

Item #242 – SOLD

A truly unique handmade lamp. Constructed from a solid block of reclaimed pine, a hand-bent piece of salvaged galvanized pipe, a retro metal lamp shade, a vintage USA made National Power Tube, and a repurposed On/Off switch this lamp represents material from three separate abandoned Detroit homes.