Oak Floor Drafting Table

Drafting Floor Table

Item #168 – $2,000

As we made our way through the dark passages of an abandoned apartment complex near Detroit’s New Center with our flashlights in hand, we turned the corner into a room and found this old, dusty, and broken drafting table in the corner. The metal braces were ripped off and the top was covered with scratches, dents, and old paint. But we knew there was hope. So we loaded up the table and brought it back to our workshop where we sanded down the top, glued some broken pieces, and realigned the holes to turned the once movable top into a fixed desk. Then we waited. We didn’t know what to do to refinish the top. Regular paint just didn’t seem like a good fit. So after a few weeks of sitting in our half-done pile of projects we finally found the right stuff; old world oak flooring from an abandoned synagogue about a mile from our shop. We planed and sanded each board then stained and applied several coats of polyurethane and glued the strips of floor to the top. Our patience and work has resulted in a great standing or stool desk filled with a rich history and beauty that you wont find anywhere else.


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