Pew & Pipe Floor Lamp

Item #216 – $450

Local Pickup Only

A truly unique, industrial, and minimalist floor lamp crafted by hand with galvanized pipe salvaged from an abandoned Detroit apartment, reclaimed pine, and the base of a century old synagogue pew arm. Complete with vintage style turn knob, a hand-bent bulb guard, and large circular Edison bulb.

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Pipe and Pulley Lamp

Pipe and Pulley Lamp

Item #181 – SOLD

Made from reclaimed 2x4s, a little bit of salvaged galvanized pipe, some vintage chain, and a small pulley, this lamp is truly one of a kind. Detroit is known for industrialization and innovation, and this Pipe and Pulley lamp creativity captures that essence. We gathered all the materials from various abandoned homes throughout North-central Detroit and had a great time constructing this functional and artistic light that is sure to be the focal point of any room.

Long Pipe Table Lamp

Long Pipe Table Lamp

Item #077 – SOLD

We removed the entire section of pipes from the floor of an old Detroit auto body shop and pulled together some sturdy sections of reclaimed wood. With a little bit of chicken wire for a lamp shade and a good cleaning these old pipes turned into one sweet lamp.

Plumbing Lamp (R)

Plumbing Lamp Red

Item #107 – SOLD

We made this little lamp using salvaged pipe from an old Detroit home and a little bit of reclaimed wood. It’s simple, industrial, functional, and the perfect size for a desk or nightstand.


Tall Pipe Table Lamp

Tall Pipe Table Lamp

Item #076 – SOLD

The pipes were taken out of the floor of an old auto body shop and cleaned up with a good amount of good ole’ fashioned elbow grease. Then we took a little bit of chicken wire we found in a basement and some reclaimed wood from a bed frame to make the attention grabbing table lamp you see now.