Demolished Coffee Table

Item #231 – SOLD

Using reclaimed wood from a demolished Detroit home and a large piece of glass from a separate coffee table we crafted this truly unique coffee table. With raw edges and interesting pattering, the wood is naturally aged and protected with several coats of finish. Simple legs keep the focus on the geometric structure and depth.

Modernist Mirror

Item #207 – $500

Local Pickup Only

We let the design develop through the constraints of the material on-hand. Framed around a salvaged mirror these dowels, and geometric wood scraps led us to a design inspired by Paul Klee, the mid-century modernist artist. The geometry, the play of negative space, and the simple color palette create a truly unique handmade mirror.

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Configurable Concentric Lamp



Designed with reclaimed flooring and precisely handmade this lamp is a tribute to geometric simplicity and mid-century designs. Resting on a detachable base the lamp can be set horizontally or vertically and an adjustable inner rectangle creates a wide range of lighting options. It comes complete with vintage style socket, Edison bulb, and braided cord.

Exclusively at the Detroit Institute of Arts