National Power Tube Lamp

Item #242 – SOLD

A truly unique handmade lamp. Constructed from a solid block of reclaimed pine, a hand-bent piece of salvaged galvanized pipe, a retro metal lamp shade, a vintage USA made National Power Tube, and a repurposed On/Off switch this lamp represents material from three separate abandoned Detroit homes.

Pipe & Bell Lamp

A beautifully industrial lamp handmade using reclaimed wood, salvaged galvanized pipe, and a repurposed alarm bell. Complete with toggle switch and Edison Bulb.



Pipe and Pulley Lamp

Pipe and Pulley Lamp

Item #181 – SOLD

Made from reclaimed 2x4s, a little bit of salvaged galvanized pipe, some vintage chain, and a small pulley, this lamp is truly one of a kind. Detroit is known for industrialization and innovation, and this Pipe and Pulley lamp creativity captures that essence. We gathered all the materials from various abandoned homes throughout North-central Detroit and had a great time constructing this functional and artistic light that is sure to be the focal point of any room.