Copper Heater Lamp

Item #111 – $175

Local Pickup Only

A vintage “Majestic #7 Heater” made with a copper shield found in an abandoned Detroit home and repurposed into a lamp complete with Edison Bulb.

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Tall Pipe Table Lamp

Tall Pipe Table Lamp

Item #076 – SOLD

The pipes were taken out of the floor of an old auto body shop and cleaned up with a good amount of good ole’ fashioned elbow grease. Then we took a little bit of chicken wire we found in a basement and some reclaimed wood from a bed frame to make the attention grabbing table lamp you see now.


Security Light Standing Lamp

Security Light Standing Lamp

Item #009 – SOLD

Even rooftops of abandoned buildings can have hidden gems. This large security light came complete with a burnt out 1000 watt bulb, but that would have been a little excessive for a living room. So we stripped and rewired the whole lamp, cleaned up the dirt and grime, and used reclaimed wood from the same building to make this one of a kind standing lamp.